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Very few companies provide services with the expertise and knowledge offered by INNOVADOR Inc. Initiating major organizational changes and creating innovative solutions in a changing marketplace is what we facilitate. We understand that solutions and services must address your unique business needs.


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Daily International Trade Containers
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Core Competencies

Revenue Governance

Technology provides border agencies a reliable means to manage the challenges of our sophisticated customs environment. Intelligent use of technology addresses concerns related to the challenges around revenue collection. Most governments aim to strengthen their financial controls framework and reporting structure, and replace obsolete and technologically unsustainable revenue collection systems. INNOVADOR provides a reliable and experienced partner…


Governments want to improve their revenue collection capacities, and do so in a way that preserves their security interests. Since the Second World War, trade policies have become liberalized across the globe. This has created challenges for customs and border management agencies, and consequently, they are increasingly taking pre-emptive steps for the management of international security threats.

Customs Modernization / Risk Management / Trade Facilitation

As new commercial markets emerge and the movement of people and merchandise increases worldwide; international customs and law enforcement agencies seek to improve their services to clients by modernizing their ways of doing businesses. INNOVADOR works with governments looking to innovative technologies to improve the overall balance between security, collecting revenue and trade facilitation.

Radiation Management

INNOVADOR has extensive experience with Radiation detection equipment to address the sophisticated challenges posed by the contemporary customs environment. For years, our team has overseen multiple trade facilitation and risk management projects and consequently understands the nuances and complexities of small and large-scale implementations.

Advanced Data Analytics

INNOVADOR focusses on helping organisations make sense of the massive landscape of complex data and information required by their businesses.
Advanced Analytics is the next step in the evolution of data analytics within border organizations.
With top decision-makers asking increasingly complex business questions, the need to rapidly provide meaningful answers is becoming critical to the Organization’s performance. This new approach …


INNOVADOR not only deals directly with Governments, Sponsors and organisations, but also contracts to other companies needing our specialised skills in order to deliver on their mandates

Customs Reform & Modernization

  • Regulatory Frameworks
  • Procedures & Controls
  • Compliance Verification
  • Enforcement
  • Risk Management
  • Customs-Trader IT Systems
  • HR and Capacity Building
  • Border Infrastructure Design
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Trade & Transport Facilitation

  • WTO Trade Facilitation Measures
  • Cargo dwell time & trade transaction cost studies
  • Non-tariff barriers to trade
  • Logistics IT systems
  • Integrated Border Management
  • Single Windows
  • One-Stop-Shops
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Supply Chain Security

  • WCO SAFE Framework
  • Authorized Economic Operator
  • Phytosanitary and Veterinary
  • Air Cargo Security
  • Aviation and Airport Security
  • Seaport Security
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